Short-Term and Transitional Homeschool Programs

Short-Term Homeschooling

This service is intended for students who are enrolled in traditional school but are temporarily unable to attend due to injury or illness.  Students typically receive coursework from their teachers during these extended absences.  Ms. Kiri will work with your child’s teacher to keep your child on track and ready to get back to school.

Transitional Homeschooling

Homeschool is a wonderful option for students whose needs are not met by traditional schooling.  However, homeschooling is not a practical or effective solution to separation anxiety.  If your child refuses to attend traditional school due to separation anxiety, talk to your pediatrician and consider a transitional homeschool program with Fearless Learning.  Ms. Kiri’s completely customized transitional programs are designed to meet the needs of elementary schoolers working to overcome anxiety-related school refusal.  Both academic and psychological challenges are addressed. Please note that Kiri Van Santen is not a licensed mental health professional.


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