Childhood Anxiety

Ms. Kiri specializes in the education of students with anxiety and anxiety disorders!

Although Ms. Kiri is not a mental health care professional, she is able to provide advice, support, encouragement, and information for students with anxiety.

If your child is suffering from excessive anxiety, please contact your pediatrician.

Here are some wonderful resources for anxious children and their parents:

The Fearless Learning blog
Ms. Kiri’s experiences as an anxious, gifted student and as a teacher of anxious and gifted students. Information and tips for teachers and parents!

Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)
Information and support, as well as help finding a therapist.

National Institute of Mental Health
Explanations of each anxiety disorder, and fascinating research about mental health and the brain.
Kid-friendly information, sample accommodations for anxious students, and tips for parents and schools.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Anxiety

  1. I need help with my child. He tends to isolate himself from people and kids. He says that he is scared when he goes to school. He teacher tells me that he. Tends to be a loner. And that he is not suffering from anything. I know the symptom because I suffer frombl it too. I didnt have help cause my mom never got me help. But I am really worrued for my child . He is very smart. But I feel that this disorder is going ro keep hi m from bring sussesful if I dont get him help. Please please help me to help my child.

    1. Hi, Ms. Martinez! I recommend you look into the Parents of Anxious Children Facilitated Support Group:

      Meetings are totally free.

      If you’re looking for homeschooling, tutoring, after school enrichment, or anxiety coaching for your child, please fill out the contact sheet on this site.


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