Coming Up On Fearless Learning…

Are you familiar with derealization? Read my upcoming post to learn more about this bizarre symptom common in people suffering from Panic Disorder!

Is your child’s anxiety accompanied by fits of rage or rebellion? We’ll be discussing anxiety issues in children suffering from non-anxiety disorders.

And remember to check out our online support group for parents of anxious students!



Coming Up on Fearless Learning…

Tomorrow: How Forced Class Participation Affects Introverts, Shy Kids, and Students with Social Anxiety

Audience Interaction: I’m looking for adults who experienced anxiety as children and were raised in religious households. If you or anyone you know fits that description, please contact me or tweet at me. Thanks!

Remember: Parents, join our ONLINE support group for parents and guardians of anxious children! Meetings will be held via video chat.

Thanks, and I hope everyone is having a great week!

Parents of Anxious Kids–Please Join Our FREE, ONLINE Support Group!

In order to meet the needs of parents outside the New York City area, I have moved my support group from and am instead offering free online meetings via Google+’s video conferencing tool (“hangouts”).  To attend a meeting, all you need is access to a free Google+ account.  Setting one up is easy and only takes a minute.  Please consider joining our group, and tell your friends!  More members means more support.

Click here to join!

HealthyPlace Articles are Up!

If you aren’t familiar with, it’s “the largest consumer mental health site,” and it’s a truly wonderful resource for anyone who suffers from or knows someone who suffers from mental illness. I’ve just had two pieces published on the site: tips about school refusal, and a guest blog post on their new Your Mental Health blog! Please check out both pieces, especially if you have a child who suffers from school refusal.


Coming soon…My Worst Teaching Mistake

Coming Up on Fearless Learning…

We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on here at Fearless Learning! Here’s a quick update about the business and the blog:

Our new support group for parents of anxious kids is meeting soon, so join now. It’s totally free, and you even get $50 off any Fearless Learning package just for attending once!

A great deal for the new year: new clients are eligible for a free hour of tutoring, homeschooling, creative writing lessons, or anxiety coaching with the purchase of any package. Apply for any program, or contact me for more information.

Look out for an article by Kiri Van Santen on‘s latest blog! The piece should be up within the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

We’ve got a lot of great blog posts coming up, including “Asthma and Anxiety,” “Why I Love Labels,” and our first post specifically about homeschooling.

Finally, I’d like to give big THANKS to all my followers, clients, students, and supporters! I’m consistently amazed by your strength, insight, and generosity.