After School

Fearless Learning offers several customized, one-on-one programs for traditionally-schooled students. These programs take place in your home, after the school day has ended.

Tutoring/Homework Help

Traditional after school tutoring with a focus on organization and study skills to help your child become increasingly independent.
For K-7 Students

Language Arts Tutoring
Reading comprehension and expression through writing are two of the most important skills for any student, but overburdened teachers struggle to find sufficient time for personalized, detail-oriented instruction in language arts. Whether your child is working on his ABCs or his college applications, Ms. Kiri will help him improve his language arts skills.
For all grade levels.

Supplemental Coursework for Gifted Students
Is your gifted child bored by grade-level work? Ms. Kiri’s supplemental material and instruction will help her reach her academic potential. We will build on the subjects she learns at school, allowing her to excel in her classes while exploring advanced coursework.
For K-5 students.

Creative Writing Lessons

Ms. Kiri loves creative writing! Give your emerging writer the gift of private writing lessons.
For all grade levels; ideal for junior high (middle school) students.