It’s Important for Teachers to Keep This in Mind…

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” (SMBC) is a clever, science-minded webcomic that is not appropriate for your young kids. Also note that the content tends to be very politically liberal and often mocks or disputes religion. Read at your own risk.

Edit: The author of SMBC, Zach Weiner, has gently objected (via Twitter; I’ve never actually met him) to my characterization of his comic as “liberal,” so I feel obligated to clarify. His comic is progressive and irreverent, and it sometimes makes fun of conservatives. It is not meant to promote any specific political movement, and the philosophies explored by Weiner defy political classification. SMBC really isn’t a political comic at all except that science vs faith is, unfortunately, a political issue. SMBC is a comic about science and society, and some people will be offended by the content.

Is that better, Zach?


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